Front to Back Office Automation

Digitally automated end-to-end value chain

The latest Gartner report on automation called out RPA as the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. Insurance is making vital contributions to this growth story. It's intriguing to see insurance firms taking the bulls by its horns and investing heavily in automating their value chain.

McKinsey states that by revamping the value chain with the latest systems and automation platforms, insurers have seen premium gains up to 1% in P&C and 40% rise in policies per FTE. 

We strongly recommend that insurers should plan, strategize, and execute automation programs at a large scale to achieve efficiencies and stay relevant. There can never be a better time than now. To know more, download this POV and learn the following:

  • Adoption of RPA and automation across the insurance industry
  • Real-life use cases across the insurance value chain
  • Five-step roadmap to building your automation strategy
  • Nine steps to consider while executing your strategy

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