Intelligent Products

Digitally architected R&D

Do you know that by 2024, as part of industry 4.0 programs, manufacturers will be spending  $65 billion into the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) space? Most of this $65 billion investment will go into building strategies and execution of what we call as the "intelligent product." 

Digital interventions, when combined with smarter R&D, results in an intelligent product. Intelligent products create a smart, connected digital environment by taking advantage of AI, machine learning, IIoT, RPA, wearables, immersive technologies, mobility, and cloud. 

At Birlasoft, we serve global clients and help them build intelligent products that make their PLM smarter. To know more about this intriguing approach, download our POV and learn the following: 

  • Why is this approach crucial to your value chain?
  • Must know industry use cases
  • Four-step roadmap to building intelligent products

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