Smart Manufacturing

Digitally empowered shopfloors

Are you aware that the global spending on smart manufacturing initiatives, as per a recent survey, is estimated to cross $300 billion by 2023? IDC predicts by 2024, over 60% of G2000 manufacturing firms will rely on AI platforms to drive digital transformation, leading to productivity gains of over 20%.

No wonder manufacturers are investing as high as 5% of their revenues in building smart factories. This paradigm shift needs a complete overhaul of strategy, finance, operations, tech, and talent management.

At Birlasoft, we help our clients build smart factories that rest on five core pillars: (i) Touchless (ii) Transparent (iii) Connected (iv) Real-time (v) Scalable. For more details, download this POV and learn the following about smart manufacturing:

  • Why should it be part of their firm's growth strategy?
  • Five core traits of a smart factory
  • Top must-read industry use cases
  • Six step roadmap to building a smart factory

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