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Meet Birlasoft at
HITS Spring 2019

May 23, 2019 Sheraton Universal, Los Angeles Schedule a Meeting
Meet Birlasoft at HITS: Spring 2019 and learn about our innovative solutions that are re-imagining workflows for the Media + Entertainment industry, moving Production Workflows to the Cloud and managing Intellectual Assets.

Meet our experts to discuss our leading solutions in intellectual property management, applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, data & analytics and revenue-friendly, cloud-platformed point solutions for the industry.

Learn about Birlasoft's TruSuite for Media + Entertainment:

Contract Lifecycle Management
Production Deliverables Management System
Cue Sheet & Clearances Management

Birlasoft is a global systems integrator that has developed a reputation for leading with innovation in the Media + Entertainment industry.

Our partnership approach and domain expertise enable us to collaborate with our clients at a strategic level, providing both digital advisory and implementation services.

Our offerings cover the entire service spectrum including ERP (SAP, Oracle, Infor), Cloud-Platformed Solutions (Salesforce), Content Management, Testing, and Application Rationalization.

Leading Breakout Session

Join Birlasoft as we navigate you through the challenge of moving M+E workflows to the cloud

Timothy Sheehy
Timothy Sheehy
Assistant Vice President, Media & Entertainment
Raghu Seetharam
Raghu Seetharam
Global Head, CRM & SaaS Technologies
Kiran Chirra
Kiran Chirra
Senior Director, Delivery, Media & Entertainment
Session Details
RIP Sneakernet – Cloud-Enabled Workflows for Complex M&E Environments
Time/Location: TBD
sneak•er•net (ˈsni kərˌnɛt) n. Facetious. The transfer of information by manual means (especially when digital alternatives exist). Does this sound like your environment? For a surprising number of media & entertainment companies – studios, networks, streamers – this is still the reality of life. We have heard a lot about moving workflows to the cloud, but how, exactly? Birlasoft has staked out an industry-leading position in the creation of platforms leveraging SaaS technologies to move M+E workflows to the cloud in a number of business-critical areas including Contract Lifecycle Management, Music Clearances and Cue Sheets and Production Deliverables Management. We will be discussing the position our researchers have taken around re-imagining workflows at all levels in the industry – pre-production, production, post-production, marketing, distribution and syndication. It's truly an exciting space but navigating the complexity and variety of options is challenging and our objective is to bring clarity and simplicity to the conversation.
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