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Our Digital Transformation experts look forward to meeting you at LiveWorx 2019:


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Birlasoft, with the IT edge of KPIT, is back as an Elite Sponsor of the 2019 Liveworx Digital Transformation Event in Boston, June 10 - 13.

Attend our insightful sessions on Digital Thread, PLM Modernization, Smart Manufacturing, Digital Twin, Customer Experience, and demystifying DevOps.

Chat with our digital experts and customer champions about the success stories from Life Sciences, Med Devices, Consumer & Industrial Goods, Automotive, Energy & Utilities, and Hi-Tech industries.

Visit us at booth #749 and explore our solutions for Smart Engineering, Smart Manufacturing and Connected Operations and Products built on PTC ThingWorx and Windchill platforms. Our digital and engineering solutions help manufacturers accelerate their digital journey and create tangible value from an integrated view of their engineering, manufacturing and enterprise systems and processes.

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Experience our Interactive Demos

Meet the Birlasoft team at Booth #749 as we showcase our digital solutions around -

Journeys to Excellence

Follow the Digital Thread through Digital Engineering, Manufacturing and Services with Birlasoft Solutions built on PTC Technologies

Enterprise Dashboard Platform built on Thingworx
Automated ALM Testing
Integrated Test Management for Defect Generation built on PTC Integrity
AR Based Design Reviews
Design Reviews using Augmented Reality built on Thingworx
Global Product Registration
A solution to seamlessly track and manage regulatory registrations and compliance from PTC Windchill
Custom Navigate Role Based Apps
Maximize the value of your PLM with Custom Navigate Role-based apps built on ThingWorx which provide 'just-in-time and just-in-context' information to wider areas of the organization
Foster the Digital Enterprise with seamless integration between your PLM and ERP with iLink
A Diagnostics and Connectivity platform build on Thingworx
Smart Connected Manufacturing
Smart Connected Products
Integration of EAM, PLM, MES, ES, MM, OM, CRM thus providing a a unified platform using AR/VR
Electronic Work Instructions
AR electronic work instructions solution by Birlasoft
Analytics + Action Platform: Asset visualization, analytics and action in near real time. Platform built on ThingWorx for Smart Assets
Remote Collaboration
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)
Electronic Work Instructions
AR electronic work instructions solution by Birlasoft
Remote Collaboration
Hands-free Warehouse Picking solution with Wearable Glasses
Line Clearance

That's not all

We have also lined up a few insightful sessions conducted by Birlasoft Experts -

Presented by -
Makarand Damle, Head, Digital Manufacturing, Birlasoft

Monday, June 10, 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM | 105
Industry 4.0 (Digital Manufacturing)
Session Details
IN98B - Managing your Smart Factory
In today's global and distributed manufacturing environment, everyone from the COO to plant managers to production supervisors to maintenance managers have their own KPIs to manage. Given the pace of business, it is imperative that these KPIs are monitored in real time. A Smart Factory enables a real-time, touchless, integrated and contextualized view of enterprise data from systems such as ERP, MES, PLM, BMS, CRM through an IoT platform. This enables users to improve productivity, utilization, and quality. Join us to see how PTC and Rockwell are making Smart Factories a reality. Learn More >
Sayee Mahalingam, PLM - Digital Practice & Consulting Lead,
Tim Curran,
Director Business Development,
Mark Farella,
Director - IS Business Solutions,
Meritor Inc
Carlos Aguirre,
Meritor Inc
Monday, June 10, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM | 210B
Digital Engineering
Session Details
TD160 - Meritor Global's PLM Modernization Story: Cloud Transformation, Navigate & Path to IoT

In early 2017, Meritor created a program to modernize its PLM platform. The primary objective was to increase agility and prepare to rapidly adapt to increasing demands and disruption from IoT, Industry 4.0 and user experience needs. The program upgraded the Meritor PLM footprint to the latest version of Windchill, a deployment of the Thingworx Navigate platform for custom apps, and a full transformation of the infrastructure from a traditional physical model to a virtual/cloud-based environment for improved agility, scalability, optimized cost structure and to leverage various AWS services and technologies for future projects.

As a result, Meritor has expanded its PLM landscape to run multiple new technology-driven business processes within the Windchill environment and has built a roadmap driven by the increased business engagement and adoption of the system. ThingWorx Navigate has also been deployed in various scenarios from enabling strategic supplier and customer collaboration, to enhancing the user experience by creating mashups that integrate multiple sources of data into single views for day to day activities. Learn More >

Presented by -
David Bartlett, AVP, PLM Practice, Birlasoft
Tuesday, June 11, 2:15 PM - 03:00 PM | 106
Digital Engineering
Session Details
DEC699B - The Digital Thread – Tying Engineering and Manufacturing Together

Almost every enterprise has current initiatives to go "Digital", but what does that really mean? This is more than just IoT, what will differentiate your business is how you can integrate all of your enterprise systems (CAD/PLM/ALM/MES/CRM…) and processes in a seamless way. This is what will help you become a truly digital enterprise & help realize tangible business value. Join this session to discover how you can create value from an integrated view of your engineering systems, manufacturing processes and enterprise resources, with PTC's industry-scale platform. In this session, you will also hear from your peers who are working their way through their Digital Journey. You will hear real examples of struggles and successes they have encountered along the way. Learn More >

Presented by -
Jonathan Day, PTC Team Lead, Birlasoft
Tuesday, Jun 11, 5:00 PM - 05:15 PM | Xtropolis - IoT Solutions Stage
Digital Engineering
Session Details
DEP396I - DevOps in a Windchill World

DevOps is more than just a current buzz word. It is a development process that is enabling companies to make real improvements in deployment frequency and system stability. Learn how companies are applying DevOps concepts in a Windchill Environment. In this session, you will hear real examples of how development teams can incorporate Agile methodologies to achieve real improvement. Learn More >

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